Offices which we made
  1. Amway
  2. Calipso
  3. Ecco
  4. Tui
  5. UTG Express
  6. Wall street
  9. Кредит Европа Банк
  10. СпецПромСтрой
  11. Столото
  12. ТUI
  13. Филиал банка БКС
  14. Фора Банк
Where we worked
  1. Авиапарк
  2. Авилон
  3. Афимолл
  4. Ашан
  5. БЦ Авилон Плаза
  6. БЦ Виктори Плаза
  7. Виктория плаза
  8. Водный
  9. Волгоградский проспект
  10. Волна
  11. Линкор
  12. Лотос
  13. М. Горького
  14. Мариэль
  15. Март
  16. Москва Сити
  17. Подколокольный
  18. РИО
  19. ул. Профсоюзная
  20. ул. Сретенка
Our geography
  1. Екатеринбург
  2. Москва
  3. Нижний Новгород

The face of your business

Presentableness and comfort of the office are indispensable components of the corporate style and reputation of the company.

“US Pro” offers the full range of services for designing of offices. Having studied in details your wishes, features and location of your premise, as well as nuances connected with the field of activity of the company, our engineers and architects will prepare for you the individual predesign offer. We will develop the layout and working projects, will prepare all necessary documentation for the managing company or the Lease provider and will completely undertake their coordination with them.

After the ordering of the office designing you will receive engineering and architectural and construction projects containing the following:

  • Detailed plan of partitions in the premise.
  • Plan of furniture and necessary equipment arrangement.
  • Electrical project, sections “Water supply and sewerage”, “Low-current systems”, “Heating, ventilation and conditioning”, “Automatic fire extinguishing”, etc.
  • 3D visualization.

US Pro guarantees the competent designing of the office which will become the real face of your business! We appreciate your time therefore the minimum term of the project development is equal only to 7 days.

Apply the request by phones: +7 (495) 640-77-83 or +7 (926) 236-48-49 and you will receive the esthetic, safe and functional premise for your business.